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FAQ's on our service

Q: How accurate is the preview I see?
A:'s technology lets you get a good look at how your item will actually turn out, but computers can't perfectly simulate the real world. First of all, every computer monitor displays colors a little differently, so the colors of your actual merchandise (both the colors of the blanks and the colors of your designs) may not match perfectly what you view on your screen. Secondly, embroidery and printing on non-paper surfaces are physical processes that inherently vary, so slight variations from item to item inevitably exist. But please don't worry! Trust the names of the various colors you use on the site and trust that we will produce merchandise that looks great and doesn't disappoint! Also, please feel free to use the Notes feature to pass on any special requests or concerns to the Production Staff.

Q: I'm a member of an organization that has licensed to print its trademarks. How do I access those trademarks to use them in my designs?
A: Licensed trademarks are available in our artwork gallery. You can locate them by clicking on the “add art” button. You will then need to click on “browse gallery” which then allows you to enter a keyword, such as the name of your organization.

Q: What images can I upload for use in designs, and how do I properly prepare those images?
A: We hope the information below will give you the guidance you need to successfully upload images for use in your designs, but please feel free to call us if you have questions or need assistance. Similarly, we'll contact you if there are problems pertaining to the artwork submitted with your order.
First of all, please make sure your image is suitable for the decoration method you're using.

  • For screen-printing, we can work with black and white photographs or illustrations with clear, distinct areas of color as opposed to multiple shades and tones. You can also submit images for screen-printing that contain half tones (also known as gradients).  We are able to print full color photos as well, but special quantity requirements and pricing may apply.

Secondly, ensure that you have properly prepared the image you're uploading.

  • The best types of images for our service are vector illustrations created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator. These images should be saved or exported and then uploaded in *.eps format. Before saving or exporting as *.eps, please
    (1) flatten the image,
    (2) outline fonts, and
    (3) convert to Pantone or RGB colors.
  • Raster images, such as those created in Adobe Photoshop should be saved or exported as *.gif, *.tif, or *.jpg files. You're best off using *.gif with a transparent background (if that is, in fact, what you want). Most importantly, such images should be high-resolution. The final product won't look good unless your image is at least 200 dots per inch (DPI) at the actual size you want it printed. That means that if you want to print a *.gif image at a size of 5" x 5" on a T-shirt, it should be about 15" x 15" on your 72 DPI computer monitor.

Finally, to upload a file to our system, the filename may not contain spaces. Please be sure to rename the file accordingly before uploading.