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QR Code Reader Software

There is various list of software for QR code to generate

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  • Optiscan - The best QR Code scanner for iPhones - it understands all the new trickier encoding types and has definitely kept up with development in QR code technology.
  • I-Nigma - Probably the most popular decoder/reader application and works on most of the popular smart phones.
  • Quickmark - For most phones, but most noticeably has an Android version and a Windows Mobile version
  • Barcode Scanner - Another good Android QR code reader. Available in the Android Market in the Applications/Shopping category.
  • Kaywa Reader
  • Nokia - Most Nokia's now come standard with the Nokia's own scanning software, but this one is good for N78, 6210 Navigator, N80, N96 and 6220 Classic
  • Google Zxing - For the Android and iPhone plus quite a few others, but not Windows Mobile
  • SnapMaze - QR code reader for Nokia, Sony Ericcson and Motorola phones.
  • NeoReader - A good range of phones and mobile devices (including iPhone and Blackberry) and also available as AppStore download.
  • Jaxo Systems - Runs on most Java-enabled phones
  • OkoTag - The new one from Jaxo. Java, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android.
  • Blackberry Messenger - Comes standard with most Blackberry's these days
  • Upcode - Support for a wide range of Symbian, UIQ, windows mobile, Iphone, Blackberry and Java phones.

QR Code Software & Applications

  • Bar Capture - Capture and decode QR Codes from your computer screen
  • Online Decoder - Decode QR Codes online via direct image file URL or image download
  • Wordpress QR Code Plug-In
  • InDesign CS3 QR Code Plug-In
  • Firefox Mobile Barcode Add-On
  • Facebook QR Codes application
  • QR-Code Tag - Google Chrome QR Code Plug-In

List of QR code Scanner for Download


RedLaser-Barcode Scanner and QR code Reader Impossibly accurate barcode scanning, scan faster, shop smarter.
Bakodo - Barcode Scanner and QR Bar Code Reader is the best companion for your barcode scanning and shopping needs.
Qrafter - QR Code Reader is a two-dimensional barcode scanner and generator for iPhone and iPod Touch. Its main purpose is to scan and parse the contents of QR Codes.
Scan is the most straightforward QR Code scanner available. Scan is completely free.
i-nigma QR code
turns your camera into a sophisticated barcode reader.


QuickMark QR code Reader is a mobile barcode scanner app that allows auto-scanning of multiple barcode formats from your phone.
QR code Reader / Scanner

Scan 2d QR codes and barcodes of other formats.

EggMon barcode and QR search

is a Barcode and QR code search application.
CertainTeed QR Code Reader is a full-featured and integrated QR code reader.
QR code widget - QR Code Contact Info, Email, Phone, Url, Text, SMS display widget No check input validated