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T-Shirt Title: Playable Guitar T-shirt
T-Shirt Style: Round Neck
Style Description: Uni-sex Style
Product Description: Every guitar player will want to own one of these Playable Guitar T-shirts! This innovative t-shirt features a fully playable guitar built in so you can play a mean solo where ever you are. The Playable Electronic Guitar T-shirt is a real musical instrument that allows you to play your favorite songs and sound great doing it. Electric guitar with Jazz music. Plays upto 6 to 8 chords. The Electronic components are easily removed from the shirt for washing.
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 Technical details - Playable Guitar panel

 1. size - Panel size is maximum of 30 x 5 cm app.
 2. Print size - Entire front side large print.
 3. Battery - use AAA batteries 4 no's (not included by us).
 4. Wash care instruction - Remove amplifier/battery case, cable, and panel from velcro
 5. This is a Jazz Electric guitar music producing Electronic Guitar
 6. Guarantee - Electronic components does not have any guarantee/warranty however the working condition is checked before despatch and this does'nt fail if handled properly.

We try to ship the order in the same day. However all orders received are shipped within 2 to 3 working days from the receipt of payment/confirmation. In case of Customer side specific orders, we need 10 days additional to get them ready.